No replies yet? I even cited a link earlier where one can research all the treaties.

LaughinWillow Are you going to honor their original treaties? No?
LW - you are full of bunk. Cite ANY treaty phrase in ANY treaty with a New York tribe that has been broken except by the tribes themselves!

LaughinWillow I can compile a list, but I feel like this is pretty common knowledge.
LW - You cannot compile one phrase in one treaty and obviously have no common knowledge. Your common knowledge is based on the Big Lie theory.

EVERY act of Congress supersedes a treaty.

EVERY ruling by SCOTUS applies to the whole country and also supersedes treaties.

A treaty being the law of the land is no different than any other law.

Tribes are wards of the federal government. Tribal members are citizens of the U.S. AND the State in which they reside.

The only treaties ever broken in New York were broken by the tribes.

Honor the treaties? Remit the sales and excise taxes. SCOTUS has ruled that such exclusion was not and is not in any treaty. It would not matter if these were reservation lands. These same tax laws apply.