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qualm Listen to the pronunciation of qualm Listen to the pronunciation of qualm
\ˈkwäm also ˈkwȯm or ˈkwälm\
origin unknown
circa 1530

1 : a sudden attack of illness, faintness, or nausea 2 : a sudden access of usually disturbing emotion (as doubt or fear) 3 : a feeling of uneasiness about a point especially of conscience or propriety
— qualmy adjective
synonyms qualm , scruple , compunction , demur mean a misgiving about what one is doing or going to do. qualm implies an uneasy fear that one is not following one's conscience or better judgment <no qualms about plagiarizing>. scruple implies doubt of the rightness of an act on grounds of principle <no scruples against buying stolen goods>. compunction implies a spontaneous feeling of responsibility or compassion for a potential victim <had compunctions about lying>. demur implies hesitation caused by objection to an outside suggestion or influence <accepted her decision without demur>.
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