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hey harley I HATE NO ONE BECAUSE OF RACE COLOR OR CREED. I only want them to pay the same taxes as the rest of us. My inlaws actually have indian blood and they pay taxes why shouldn't the rest of them pay too. we are all americans no one should have any sovergianty within our borders.. the war is over they lost.. hey we let em live and stay here and become citizens of the united states of america..so we have done our fair share. It's long over due for this to become a dead issue. congress needs to put an end to this issue and close the case. never to be reopened. get rid of all reservations and turn them into national parks for all americans to enjoy. stop sniffing the fumes from your bike...I think they are affecting your brain cells man.

Ahahah.... that's like you crying about someone got a bigger piece of candy. I don't care if if they pay taxes or not as a matter of fact I don't care if you pay taxes. I just don't care.

Now you are being totally riduclous. Who do you think is going to pay the taxes to keep our government running? We all need to pay our fair share. To say that you don't care if someone else pays their their fair share of taxes xmakes you a very irresponsable citizen.