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Then how did you know it was a word???????? Hmmmm?????????? Are you cheating at scrabble?

I showed, above, that M-W says it's an entry in their unabridged version, which they only do if it's an actual word. When you enter a non-word in the M-W search box, it says something like this:

The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.
Suggestions for durp:

1. dorp 2. turp
3. drap 4. drip
5. drop 6. drupe
7. darb 8. gorp
9. tarp 10. terp
11. torp 12. drub
13. dry up 14. drape
15. dreep 16. droop
17. drupa 18. turb
19. -carp 20. adrip

This feature is actually good for finding words I didn't know existed. Often, someone will give a word, and I'll type it in, but with 2 letters transposed, and it will give the list of suggestion, some of which will often work for the scrabble answer.

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