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My stats come from the US Census, BIA, NIGC, SBA and Dept. of Labor. Of course their stats are never "current". But from 1989 to 2003 percentage of household income increase for whites was 5%, Asian 6%, Hispanic 7%, Black 17%, and American Indian 32%. From 2000 to 2004 the American Indian population increased 23% from 2.2 to 2.7 million; federal spending on Indian programs increased 58% from $3.6 billion to $5.7 billion ; and tribal revenue from gambling increased 207% from $6.3 billion to $19.4 billion. American Indians moved from 4th to 3rd out of the five ethnic distinctions, ahead of Hispanic and Black.

Lets see - 19.4 billion in just gambling added to $5.7 billion in tax funded freebies = $25.1 billion for 2.7 million American Indians, or $929 million per Indian each YEAR . Even just using the $5.7 billion in taxes comes to $211 Million per Indian per year. This leads me to believe that your statement of the rich getting richer may be true, but your adding "not Native Americans" is false.


The HHS is the Indian Health Service, an agency that serves the needs of the 1.8 million members of the 560 federally recognized tribes. The Indian Health Service has 15,102 employees and in 2008 operated under a budget of $4.3 billion . I.H.S. oversees 46 hospitals, 324 health centers, 309 health stations, and 34 urban Indian health programs.


Is the $4.3 billion for the HHS included in the $5.7 billion for federal indian programs?