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It is very clear the Cayuga do not have land in trust.
To proof that out they have been paying land taxes that come due on their land. The tribe has not exerted political control of land in this area for more than 200 years and repurchasing land does not reinstate that political control.

They are or should be treated as any other merchant who does not collect and remit sales and use tax.

The Cayuga could have applied for grants, tax abatements, Empire zone status etc just as Goulds and other merchants have done.

The Sherrill decision was clear and explicit, a tribe cannot just purchase land and declare it sovereign. That is what the Cayuga attempted to do. The hearing the other day zeroed in on that question.

I question whether Walmart is allowed to keep sales tax money. I read that statement somewhere before.do you have a reference source that can confirm that?

You danced around the post and what it said. However Wal-Mart is not the only retailer and it was in the news appr. 1 month ago. You can go look if you want.

I am not going to go look for something a month old that I doubt exists or you mis-interpreted the article. Since you know all about it why don't you find it and post it on here?

Whats wrong afraid you might be wrong. I don't care i have nothing to prove to nobody. This is my opinion don't be so lazy and do your own work.