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because if they get paychecks with all the goodies taken out they can ..even if they don't they can GET SS

Forget it reilley they won't listen. They only understand what they want to. The cops raid the indians today,but whos next any group or corporation who is not paying their full share of sales tax. Maybe the cops will start arresting workers of Goulds pumps seems they are avoiding sales tax. How about wal-mart they retain portions of their sales tax as well. There are alot more who don't pay the full sales tax these are just a few.

Goulds or Wal-Mart are not paying sales tax? That is news to me. Please explain.

Goulds are attempting to buy equipment through a third party to avoid paying sales tax the article is in the news.
Wal-Mart as well as others are allowed to collect tax from u and retain a portion for themselves.
How else can i help you and doesn't this hurt the tax payers.

It has been in the news? I have never heard of either action. Can you post such articles from the "news" on here?