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Why should tribes honor agreements with you, when their agreements weren't honored?

As BZ asked - WHAT treaty are you referring to? Surely NOT the Treaty of Canandaigua in which was recognized the right of the tribes to sell their remaining lands, which they did. OH, THAT was the treaty where the Seneca guaranteed FREE passage across their State Reservation and then charged the state for the Thruway when it was built and billed the state last year for the vehicles using it? You mean THAT treaty that the TRIBE broke?
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The vast majority of treaties that the US signed with native tribes have NEVER been honored. I mean, if you really want, I can compile a list, but I feel like this is pretty common knowledge. Seems a bit hypocritical to say anything about natives simply following in the footsteps of your own "great" country.

Your COMMON knowledge only holds water in the movies. FACT is you can NOT name ONE treaty with a New York tribe that was not honored by the state and U.S.
Talk about hypocritical? To argue that enforcing the law would cause a loss of jobs or closure of businesses is a bit hypocritical. The tribes making those arguments closed down competitors and took jobs from legitimate tax paying businesses by intimidating the state to selectively enforce the law against everyone else. What about those people's rights?

Generalizations are meaningless in an effort to brainwash the masses that do not know. Do not JUST name a treaty, state the clause that was not honored and I can show you where it was either honored or ruled upon contrary to your opinion.

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Should we force the elimination of American Indian Reservations because they did not pay their fair share of taxes to New York State Almighty?

No. We should merely demand that our Governor enforce the laws.
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Why do you hate American Indians?

There are many UCE members with Indian heritage. Without them, we would not be nearly as effective as we are. The quest for equality under the law merely demands our own government to uphold the Constitution and laws of the land without regard to race. Most Indians are not tribal members.
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Debate this issue all you want, but if your dont control yourselves with the personal bickering the thread will be shut down.

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Hey it doesnt matter to me...go for it.

Of course one who has lost the argument and resorted to name calling would love to have the facts removed from public display.
I do agree, back and forth posts serve no purpose.
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Is there any links you know of radily available to research what has to be hundreds of US Government / Native American treaties? Gotta be hundreds of them.

Yes, the CERA web site has a file which includes all the U.S. treaties but not the vast number of agreements made between the U. S. Government and Indian tribes after the close of the treaty period in 1871. These agreements altered many of the earlier treaties. Go to http://www.citizensalliance.org/ Click on Major Issues in the left hand column and then scroll down to Treaty Issues and click on the Native American Indian Treaties link. The treaties are listed by tribe, so treaties listed that include more than one tribe have the same listed under each tribe. I.E: 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua is listed as the TREATY WITH THE SIX NATIONS, 1794.
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Why honor any Treaty now when you never have before?

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[quote=Duude][quote=bluezone] What specific aspect of your treaty has not been honored?

Strangely, BZ cannot seem to get that question answered. Could it beeee the only ones that have not honored the treaties HERE are the tribes? I will NOT argue that the U.S. has not broken treaties with western tribes - they did.