See, thats one of the problems. Someone goes out, rapes a teenager, gets her pregnant and he gets a slap on the hand. 10 years probation, big deal. Does he now have to register as a sex offender in NY for what he did? Right before Christmas we got something in the mail about a sex offender in our neighborhood, and looked at the address and picture of the guy, he lives across the street from us. He had a relationship with a 16 year old girl when he was 23 (he is now 25). From the info in the flyer, the police and parents found out about this "relationship" when someone found them in a car. Now what really strikes me as strange about this whole situation, if he is a registered sex offender, why is his 6 year old daughter ok to live with him??? We thought the idiot had moved until we got this flyer, apparently he had been in jail all this time. Now that he is back, the loud annoying music is back and his car alarm goes off everytime someone sneezes.