I agree, it is a problem, but since there arent enough caseworkers for the "real" problems ie child abuse, molestations, etc, this would fall way down the ladder. I wish that these parents would just "get over themselves" and be responsible parents. I work with a women that had twins at 15 and a 3rd baby at 16. I notice that alot of times she acts just like a teenager, mooning over boyband pictures, hanging out with her friends and basically ignoring her kids. I asked her what was up and her reply almost knocked me over. She said and I quote "I didnt get to be a teenager because I was having babies, so now I am trying to get back my lost years" I told her that was her problem, those years are gone and start acting like an adult. Whats really funny is her twins are now almost 15 and they are more mature than she is.
I wish there was something that could be done, but I just dont what it could be.

Wow. I could never do that. Like you said, those years passed. It was her decision to have sex at a young age, protection or not, you know the consequences of sex, PREGNANCY.
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