Thanks for a reply from the trenches. I cannot imagine having to see the same children returning for a 2nd or 3rd pregnancy. But i truly believe that there needs to be some kind of monitoring or counseling that hapens when such a young girl is found to be pregnant. Why can't family services or some other agency get involved? If a child of 13, 14, 15 turns up pregnant doesn't that indicate that there is a problem within the family? Someone was not paying attention, someone was not parenting this kid in order for her to get pregnant. Even when it happens despite parental oversight, wouldn't a responsible parent know that giving up the child for adoption the sensible thing to do? Shouldn't there be an unemotional 3rd party to help the family cope and make decisions? To address your comment, if a 15 yr old is pregnant, then that IS a problem!

No, i am not suggesting that medical professionals "talk her into" an abortion or an adoption. But as a medical professional don't you agree that a young body can be harmed by the stress of carrying an infant and then giving birth? Couldn't a difficult birth from an immature body deprive the girl of the ability to successfully give birth in the future?