What do you want the medical professionals and caseworkers to do? Force the girl to give the baby up for adoption? Why would a caseworker be involved at all if a 15 year old is pregnant and not having any problems? We have many many many young girls out here having babies, the youngest I have seen was an 11 year old raped by her 18 year old uncle. Luckily, the family had him arrested and deported back to his own country. Unfortunatly, there are many 14-17 year olds who think they are mature enough to handle having a baby. The hospital I work for opened a Maternity ward in February of 2002. So far, we have had multiple young girls returning for their second and sometimes third births since the opening. Caseworkers at the hospital can call CPS is if there is evidence of drug abues, physical abuse or a young girl (usually under 16) and the father of the baby is much older. But that doesnt mean CPS can do anything about it. We had one patient that had her baby at 15, the father of the baby was 34. The mother of the 15 year old thought he was just wonderful, and encouraged the relationship. She got investigated by CPS for child abuse.
So while I wish there was something that could be done, I dont know what it is. Hopefully people will wake up and realize that babies are not dolls and cant be put back in the toy box when you are tired of playing with them