Hola, I firmly believe that abortion is only a course of last resort and should never be taken lightly. I do question the health consquences of a 15 yr old body trying to carry and deliver an infant. But - she made it through the physical trauma, but the emotional trauma was yet to come. I think of quite a few childless couples i know who would give anything to protect and love that child, and how sad that it's little life came to an end in such a violent way. So so very sad.

I had my son at 19. I am a great mother. There are PLENTY of girls, that get pregnant as young as 12, they keep the child and pretty much the child is "pawned" off on the grandparents. I have come across countless message boards on the internet about 11- 15 year olds being pregnant, I was appalled! (sp) I didn't realize there were so many GIRLS having babies. When I was 12, I was still playing with my barbie dolls!

But I was also smart to read about pregnancy and post partum when I was pregnant. I knew what was to come after I had my son, and what COULD come...like post-partum depression, which is more common then a lot of people think.

I think that if any young girl has a child under the age is I don't know...say 18, that they should be FORCED to take classes that teach you about your bbody, what it will go through, and what to expect afterwards.

Sorry if this offends anyone, or sounds rude. I don't mean for it to be.

~*~ Eileen ~*~
Mother to Jonathan Elijah 10-23-2003
& Alexander Thomas 02-16-2007