i had my first son at 19--yes it was hard and i had my up and downs but i had my family as a strong support group and they helped me with what they could. I now have him (5 years old and so handsome) and another son who is 18 months (hes the devil in disguise) I married their father (while I was pregnant with my 2nd son). I know its not the right way to go about it, I feel for the mother (meaning its hard to deal with) but on the other hand there are so many options for help. I don't know the family situation and whatnot...but she seemed overwhelmed and this doesnt justify for what she did and i hope she pays for it. She should have given him up for adoption at least, let someone who cant have and wants a baby raise the baby. He must have been crying for a reason..and she really had to be holding her hand over his mouth...at 11 months kids are feisty...maybe he was in pain or wet or sick...so many other ways to deal with things. It bothers me knowing what joy it is to have kids and my 5 year old is so witty and wise makes me smile. I almost lost my baby at birth and almost lost myself. Alot of problems but im good now. And so is he...i would be in 1 north if i lost either of my babies and i seriously have a tear in my eye...god bless the children