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Quick! Grab a piece of paper and stick a hole through it. Put your darkest sunglasses on, stand at least 10 feet away and carefully look through the pinhole to feast your eyes on the incredible and powerful beauty of the twin messiahs! Then you must immediately get on your knees and worship your computer screen. They can see you, trust me.

I'm sure emergency rooms everywhere will be at full capacity soon due to Brangaloonies going into cardiac arrest and poking their eyes out because now they have seen it all and there's no need to see anything more!

That being said, they look like babies. Seriously, just babies. I ran home from the bar for this?!!! Yes, that was a total Brangaloonie moment. I mean, they aren't even wearing crowns! $14 million doesn't get you much these days.

And Shiloh is totally holding one of the golden twins and thinking, "I finally have someone to play with in the basement!" That you do, Shiloh.

You can also visit People's and Hello's websites to read boring quotes and sh**.

Also, you better get in line to buy People's issue tomorrow. 19 pages of sleeping babies! I'm sure Brangaloonies are waiting overnight.
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