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There is much more up for debate and if you read it you would know the controversey is not only 7 days....

I am only ONE of the 65,000 people so far who are active in preserving OUR rights.

Your kids will be thankful for patriots like me A**HOLE

If I read it? Are you serious? You couldnt even figure out which bill you were so against. Dont be mad at me because you couldnt even get the right bill.

I bet you are real active in preserving rights because posting threads with the wrong bills on the local web forum is real activist of you along with clicking petitions on the internet. The founders would be proud.

What else is up for debate from the new FISA bill then since now all of a sudden you know all about that? The amendments purpose was to establish the 7 day window and that was pretty much all it did so what else is to debate about it? Come on enlighten me please. Or will you resort to call me an a**hole again?

Patriot, lol, if thats what you call posting your thoughts from behind a keyboard on a web forum.
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