Originally Posted By: senecamom
I am against the passing of the FISA ACT!

The FISA amendment of 2008 alreadsy did pass. The Protect America Act of 2007 expired in Febuary of 2008 so I dont get why you are talking about it in your first post.

The new bill right now is the 2008 amendment to the FISA law which has already beed passed through the house, senate, and signed into law by the president. It allows for 7 days of unwarranted wiretapping, after that a warrant is required. Before it was passed last week we were allowed only 48 hours according to the previous version on FISA.

I find it funny that you arent even talking about the right bill, lol. You are rallying against the bill from last year that already expired. Way to go, lol. Good demonstration of pure internet, copy and paste activism.

Get you facts straight then come back and try to make your arguement, which judging by this thread you will have a hard time doing.

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