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Obama's vote on this cost him my support. I cannot believe anyone could think this is OK in America. When St. Ronnie called the Soviet Union an "evil empire" he was referring in part to the repression of their own people using the same techniques FISA allows. I visited the Soviet Union in 1975 (with a group of other professionals) and our Intourist guide was asked about this very issue (spying on their citizens, secret police, etc) and she was surprisingly candid that yes indeed, the state did do these things. Why? NATIONAL SECURITY. The irony is that if dubya wants to spy on people in complete secrecy, he can. There is already a mechanism in place to obtain a warrant quickly if need be. But, of course, that raises the possibility he could be turned down. Those of you who are unconcerned about this have apparently forgotten what it is to live in a society free from unwarranted government intrusion.

Is the Government concerned about security-or is it about power?

Why are some fighting so hard for retroactive immunity? The answer, I believe, is that immunity means secrecy, and secrecy means power.
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