Tell Congress: Fix FISA, Defend the Constitution!

I am absolutely outraged that the "Protect America Act" allows for no meaningful oversight by either Congress or the courts of interception of my private emails and phone calls.

It's unbelievable that it leaves decisions about the collection, mining and use of information up to the Bush Administration's Attorney General and Director of National Intelligence. Please do everything in your power to protect my rights before you consider making ANY of the powers in the "Protect America Act" permanent.It's also critical that Congress not grant immunity to telecommunications companies for past violations of the law, or grant government spying operations direct and unfettered access to the internet backbone and telecommunications infrastructure.

Legislation that's passed must protect my privacy and restore checks and balances.

Before leaving for August recess, Congress caved in to President Bush and his demand for out-of-control authority to spy on Americans' emails and phone calls by passing the so-called "Protect America Act." We're calling this bill the "Police America Act," because it allows for the massive, untargeted collection of Americans international communications without court order.

The only good news about this bill is that it's set to expire 6 months after it was signed into law. But Congress is rushing forward. Critical votes happening this week that could permanently grant vast new spying powers to Bush and all future presidents, with no meaningful oversight by Congress or any court.
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