Can I ask all of you a big favor? If you will, please keep an eye out for a large white male cat, black on it's nose (tip) and some black on it's head as you drive through Montezuma? He got out of the house and I can't find him anywhere. His name is Bill and he is very friendly. He is declawed (I didn't have it done. He came to me 2 years ago like that). I only have 1 picture of him with his eyes closed but I don't know if you can post pictures here. Also, his right eye has a sore under it (a tear duct problem). You can call 315-776-9419 if you spot him or email me at I am the one that lives on Rt. 31 across from Verdi's signs. Oh and be careful when stopping and turning at the Rt. 31 & Rt. 90 corner. I have seen a few "almost" accidents. Thank you for your help.