by Debra J. Groom
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 6:19 PM
Auburn, NY -- The Auburn school board decided at 6 p.m. Wednesday to put the same budget that was defeated Tuesday night up for another vote June 17.

The $66.5 million budget was defeated in Tuesday's vote by three votes -- 1,414 no to 1,411 yes.

Superintendent Joseph D. Pabis said earlier Wednesday that the budget went down because some people thought they were voting on the proposal to install synthetic turf at Holland Stadium.. That vote is scheduled for June 26.

He also said he heard from talking to election inspectors and residents that some voters couldn't find the budget proposition on the ballot when they voted Tuesday or didn't realize there were two propositions -- one for the budget and one for electing school board members.

There were 266 people who voted Tuesday who did not vote yes or no on the school budget. These people voted only for school board candidates.

Board members Ginny Kent, Michael Stearns and Frederick Cornelius all said Wednesday night that the budget that was put before voters was fiscally and educationally responsible. "If there was money to be taken out of this budget, we would have taken it out already," Cornelius said.

The board had three options to consider: putting up for another vote the budget that was defeated; making some cuts to the budget and putting that budget up for a vote; or adopting a contingency budget which is $593,000 less than the budget voted down Tuesday.

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This is why people do not go out and vote on the budgets. Total waste of time. Just have to go do it again.