Thank you for seeing that SBJ \:\) And i agree with you saying before that more research needs to be done into the making of new vaccinations (for example - at this point i wouldn't give my daughters the HPV vaccinations. Not cause i think it will make them immoral - but i don't believe there is enough research on the safety of this vaccination yet), as well as in the changing of what age a child gets certain vaccinations. While, as TRD pointed out that it maybe to get them in before day care, etc, doesn't mean that it is safe to do so. Research (independent of those who make these vaccinations, IMHO) is badly needed.

Now if only the information that parents have now wasn't always skewed one way or the other and was always truly objective (and i don't mean this just for vaccinations, but other issues, parenting or not, as well) so that everyone can make a true informed choice, true informed consent. Most of the info on vaccinations I've found have been given out by those that make vaccinations (think the little sheet the Dr gives you at the visit, and that is if they given them to you with time to read BEFORE the shot is given), and it's only been through what I've seen and experienced with my own children and taking everything else with a grain of salt that I've gotten to where I am now.