i have stayed away from this for a long time... and while i did attempt to post a very long reply, i lost power and therefore lost my post.

I will simply say this:
It is no more right for those who choose to vaccinate their children to bash parents who choose not to, as it is for those who choose not to vaccinate to bash parents who do.

I have made the INFORMED choice to DELAY vaccinations. My oldest was fully vaccinated according to the schedule that was out at her time of birth (late 1998)... and i have seen a change, a push, to do more shots sooner... and i don't think it's good for my children's body to be bombarded with so much so quickly.

I have had a child who has had a bad reaction to a vaccination (my middle child, who is considered a preschooler with special needs, and receives services through the school district for such at our local Head Start). Is it just her, or did something happen with her reaction - i don't know... but i do know i have the chance to reduce the risk of my youngest by delaying even for a short time to give his body time to grow and mature and perhaps better handle it.

So for now i have decided to delay for a time the time frame of shots my middle child reacted to until he is 2... the shot specifically i am thinking of (and gets a lot of press) is the MMR. Originally, it was a shot started at age 2 (was when my oldest was that age)... it's now given at 12 months. Will he get all his shots, yes... he has no received all his "scheduled" shots that are due up to age 12 months. So for the MMR at least - he is getting it for when it was intinally intended to be given at.

And personally - i think too many people put too much stock in vaccinations. They have been known to fail, not take (i personally have experienced, i have received a full course of the Hep B vaccination (a full course is 3 shots over a series of 6 months), had the blood work to see if i was innoculaed and i am not, and had a "booster" to try and see if it would take (so a total of 7 Hep B shots) and i am still not immunized.

Anyways... again i repeat - it's no more right for one side of the fence to bash the other...we are ALL only try to do what we believe is best for your children and families with the information we are given

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