They had two Mother's on the Today show. One was a mother who had three children, she had vaccinated the first two and they were healthy. She chose not to vaccinate the last one, that child went to a birthday party and was exposed to meningitis, luckily her doctor was very astute and they caught it early enough she will not have any lasting problems. The mother now advocates for vaccinations.

The other mother has twin boys, they rec'd their 15 month vaccinations.Shortly there after, they were diagnosed with autism. She now advocates for not vaccinating.

The one person on the panel that made any sense was a pediatrician, who cautioned the loose assosciation (not scientifically proven) of vaccinations to Autism should not be preached as fact. He did advocate for more research in to making vaccinations for all children.

Another peditrician who wants to totally associate vaccinations with autism, didn't really help himself. He said it is more a genetic factor that is the root cause of the autism because of a gene that reacts differently to some additives in vaccinations.

I think the first pediatrician is right on the mark: let's put more money into research. Let's becareful of what we pass off as facts.