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But face it, SJ; we're not going to convince them;

I don't need to be convinced to vaccinate, just like you don't need to be convinced to NOT vaccinate. The only thing ANY of us need to do is do what we feel is best for our children, period. We've each done that. May not be the same thing, but that doesn't necessarily mean either of us is wrong. No need to 'convince' one way or the other.

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they'll continue to put their children and other people at risk.

Who else are we putting at risk? If your child is vaccinated, and you are that confident in the vaccines, then what harm are we doing to anyone else?

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I understand that, VM. I also think Goingcrazy needs to realize just because we choose to vaccinate our children, does not mean we did not educate ourselves on the vaccinations.

I know this wasn't directed at me, but I agree that vaccination does not necessarily equate being uneducated, but I think you would agree that most people don't realize that they do have a choice, or the right and responsibility to look into the risks vs benefits of whether or not to vaccinate.

Risks vs benefits aside, do most people you know know that they have a choice in the matter? If they do, then great! But in my personal experience, most of the people I know do not know they have a choice, or reason to look into the risks and benefits of their vaccination decisions.

Are there any typos there you'd like to pick on? I'm sorry if there are. It's hard to type with a wiggly baby on one's lap. . . must be the lack of vaccines making him so unruly! Or maybe it's just my neglectful parenting; since I don't vaccinate, I'm *obviously* a neglectful, bad, ignorant parent, eh? ;\) :P \:\) Now go ahead and say something witty and original about how you think I am!

Seriously people, lighten up! It's just the internet ;\) \:\) Each side understands where the other is coming from. . . can we just agree to disagree and let it go? There really isn't any need to keep bickering over this. . .