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Take a look at some remote thrid world countries without the options of immunizations for all. Something the free world is trying to help with.

Yes, *third world countries* with awful, unsanitary living conditions. Disgusting water. Many people living together in close, dirty shelters. Vaccines *may* help protect them against some of the diseases that obviously run rampant in these conditions, but vaccines alone don't solve what make a third world country a third world county \:\)

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It is your right and your choice not to vaccinate your child, no matter why you make that choice as you feel this is protecting your children.

It is also my choice and others, to choose to have had or to have our children vaccinated to protect them.

I totally agree. I have never said otherwise.

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As much as you say we are hammering on you for your beliefs, you are hammering back, and that is what started the thread in the first place.

Can you please show me where I 'hammered' anyone?

I don't think I've been anything but clear in this thread about my beliefs being just that- MY beliefs- and they don't have to be anyone else's, and that I am in total support of each parent making the decision that they feel is best for their children. I have explained some of our personal reasons for not vaccinating simply b/c others have seemed to imply that not vaccinating=ignorance and endangerment.

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I have a friend whose Mother was afflicted with polio. She lived, but now has a permanent limp and great amount of pain. She has lived with this since childhood, and you will not hear her complain. But, her daughter knows the pain she feels.

Counting back the generations, yes, that was a time when polio was an awful disease, and I'm sorry for what she has to live with as a result.

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I would not want to watch my children suffer.

Neither would I. Again, it's not a choice of suffer or don't suffer, and just because I don't vaccinate doesn't mean that I'm not doing other things to help protect them.