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You brought religion into the discussion. If you didn't want to go there, then you shouldn't have taken it there.

The only reason I 'went there' in the first place is because it feels pretty insulting when others keep saying that those of us who don't vaccinate must be ignorant on the risks and facts, and I was just trying to make a point that for most of us, there is more to it than just numbers.

Well, sorry but "your side" threw the first insult (and Thena and I usually get along pretty well)
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i think pumping infant fulls of vaxes before giving their bodies a chance to start building their own immunization is assicine.

It is your choice, yes. You decide. You want to educate on us on why not to vaccinate, and we choose to educate on why you should. Pretty simple. We don't agree.

As far as God, I believe He created those who discovered the way to make vaccinations. I do believe He intends to have diseases and such, but He also gives the gift of scientists and such to find the cures, slow the progression, etc.

It is your right to believe in your religious aspects, but it is also my right to believe they are not what God intended.