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When I hear people making the excuse that a vaccine isn't something that God gave them and therefore they don't have their children vaccinated against deadly infections, I wonder just how they would feel if their child did get something that could have been prevented by the vaccine?

This is definetely something that factors into making the decision. As a parent, NO MATTER WHAT YOU CHOOSE, if something happens to your child, there is always the thoughts of 'what could I have done differently?'

My family is healthy and not immuno-supressed. We have healthy living conditions. They were/are breastfed. We eat mostly natural/organic foods. We have a pretty healthy lifestyle. The chances of any of us getting any of these diseases to the extent that it would have a tragic outcome is very very very rare. I realize that's not a guarantee of anything. The risks of a permanent, tragic outcome from a vaccine is also very rare. I know that. This is especially where our faith factors in, and we just had to make what we felt was the best decision for our family. It's not 'just an excuse.'