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We are born with it ..it's called your immune system, but with all of the crap in the world today, our immune systems need help sometimes. Especially those who are unfortunate enough to have weak immunbe systems. I am a Christian also , and I beleive in God, but God also saw the importance of Doctors to help us. He has answered many prayers through the working of others, Doctors, Nurses etc.
In a similar context, a child born with a defective heart. This may be the way God intended, But should we just not do anything and let the child die or should we use the toos avaliable to us to cure the child?

Yes, I completely understand and agree that sometimes, God works through humans, sometimes in the form of doctors or knowledge and access to modern medicine or alternative medicines. I agree that God did see the importance of various care providers to help us- when we can't help ourselves.

We don't totally reject modern medicine, but we feel there is a definite difference between using what He has given us access to to fix a medical problem, and overusing it in the name of prevention and 'just in case.' Kind of like having an entire pie in front of you. . . you can eat the entire thing because it looks and tastes good, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy, or that you should.

FWIW, my oldest daughter was born with a birth defect that would have been fatal without the assistance of modern medicine, and my husband is insulin-dependant diabetic. I am thankful for the work that God does through humans *when we need it.* In our beliefs, 'just in case' is not a matter of necessity, especially when we are given other tools to maximize prevention non-interventatively.

I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong- vaccine or religion-wise- not at all! I see what you're saying on the religion/modern medicine point and I respect your beliefs and choices, but I'm just trying to clarify a little bit of our beliefs and how we came to our decision not to vaccinate. \:\)