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To not vaccinate is just playing with your childs life. Vaccinating is far less dangerous than actually getting the disease itself.

For you, that's a no-brainer, but some don't understand how to evaluate relative risk, so they panic and don't vaccinate.


I don't pressume that people who do vaccinate are ignorant, and I'd hope that people who do vaccinate don't think of me as ignorant because I choose not to.

It's not just about relative risks. . .

I wasn't going to get into this, but on top of my concerns about risks vs. benefits, there are many of us who have serious moral, religious, and philosophical reservations and objections to vaccines. For us, we are Christian, and part of our beliefs are that God made us in His imagine, just the way that He intended us to be. He gave us what He wanted us to have; if He wanted us to have these automatic abilities to be immune to disease, then we'd be born with such. We also believe the body He gave us is sacred, and doubting His abilities by injecting artifical chemicals, animal and human matter, and other cross-contaminants is going against His will.

That's not to say that everyone who believes in God or is Christian feels the same way or should feel that way, but it was a HUGE factor in our decision to not vaccinate. . . among other things, which certainly DID include researching the relative risks and benefits of both vaccinating or not. It certainly was not an easy decision, or one based on ignorance or panic.