We don't vaccinate. It is a combination of moral, philosophical, religious, and lifestyle reasoning that we don't. There are certain risks and benefits to both vaccinating and not vaccinating.

My oldest was vaccinated, but not my younger two, and I can tell you that an even bigger problem than the additives and contanimanates in the vaccines is the lack of true informed consent and refusal in the vaccine process (or most medical treatments, for that matter). With my oldest, I can tell you without a doubt that I was never told the truth about vaccines not being mandatory, and I was never explained the risks involved.

What many people forget to take into consideration is that most of what is vaccinated for today is not as deadly as it was when the vaccine for it was introduced. This is not because of the vaccines; this is due to better standards of living. Remember, things like the flu and diarrhea used to kill people. These things can still kill people in higher risk health situations, like the immuno-depressed, but for most of the general public these things are common (although still unpleasant), but not life-threatening in and of itself.

Most illnesses that vaccines are developed for are already on the decline by the time they become implemented routinely. ALL diseases have a natural rise and decline. The elimination of a disease may be sped up due to vaccines, but it certainly is not the CAUSE for its elimination.

I personally do not agree with routine vaccines (or eye drops and vitamin K injections at birth) for a variety of reasons that I will not get in to, BUT I am thankful that they exist for those families who choose to have them for their children. Just because *I* don't agree with them doesn't mean I don't think anyone should have access to them if they make an informed choice to do so.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer for vaccination. We could debate it all we want but I can guarantee we'd all never agree. Maybe what we could all agree on though is that it's the parents' right and responsibility to make an educated, informed decision on what they feel is in the best interests of their children. ;\)