Tino's a free agent, hmmmm. Bring him back where though? The Yankees right now have 4 first baseman. Lee, Giambi, Clark and Olerud. Granted many of them will be gone next year but as nice as it sounds I don't see it happening. Too bad but one can dream right Tino?

Guidry as pitching coach. Heard Neil Allen was in line for it. I seem to recall that name. Think he pitched in the bigs, maybe for LA or the Mets...or maybe he was an astronaut. Got an astronaut sounding name!

Girardi on the bench would be very nice but are you training him for something or having him give Joe advice? I think Joe G would have to do some minor league coaching before he got to the dance. After all it's not like he's Don Mattingly or something. I just hope Bucky Dent doesn't end up sitting next to Joe. Just don't like Dent as a guy involved in big league decisions.