Pursuant to my posting on the "Yankees cursed?" thread, which of us Yankee fans is responsible for the bottom falling out against Boston? With baseball being such a superstitious game, what did any of us do differently that "cursed" them? I know what I did wrong and it's monumental and I realized it as I was doing it and could not stop it until it was too late . What did you do differently between games 3 and 4 that contributed? For example, did anyone start sitting in a different chair, drink beer from a different glass, wear a different hat, put your shoes and socks on differently, put a Yankees sticker on your front door, kiss your wife? Before I tell mine, you tell me yours, OK?

Tino, Tony Kubek, Petey, Carl Spackler, Gio, HighLander, Don, Seymore L., SW FL guy...you reading this? Which one of you did it?