Eddie, I am appalled. Would a Red Sox fan root for the Yankees in the World Series to "keep it in the AL"? No freakin' way. (And, oh by the way, it wouldn't be "keeping" it in the AL, since the title isn't in the AL right now anyway.)

Gio kind of adressed this (and thank you Gio) and you are right. It is not in the AL and I think I left that in my post although I knew it was wrong.

Now, how can a Yankees fan root for the Red Sox? It's kind of like when Mynderse Academy lost to Naples in the soccer state playin game in Honeoye Falls in the snow in 2000. That was the year Tim Donk set the record for shutouts, the year Mynderse lsot a player in an auto accident before the season started (ironically he passed on Sept. 11, 1999. RIP C.Q.) The thing to do was to congratulate the team that beat you and wish them well down the road to prove that their success was your success. Jeter said it right,"To be the best you have to beat the best". I wish the Red Sox well because i want the baseball world to know that the Red Sox are a battle toughened team that knows what it takes to win because they faced the toughest of obstacles, the NYY, the most successful franchise in sports history.

Does that explain it?

That plus if I wasn't a Yankees fan for more than a lot of years it would be very easy to get behind the Red Sox. They have a certain charisma to them, a don't quit attitude that is a pure part of any game.