My little brother AND my son's team. (Thought I raised that boy right? ) Got my call from a screaming Red Sox fan at 12:10 this morning. Guess he was entitiled to it.

Head rolling Tino? Can't do much with the players under contract and if Willie Randolph gets the Mets offer I think he's gone. Mel? Back? Maybe not. Base coaches? No problem there. Any cancers on the team? Don't really think so. Lofton complained a bit but I figure he was a one season aquisition anyway. Pitching? Ah herein lies the conversation. Is Vasquez the reincarnation of Ed Whitson and Jeff Weaver? He did have a great first 2/3 of a season. Kevin Brown? We all knew he was a crapshoot from the start with his age and his health history. Loaiza? Who knows, who cares. Mussina and Lieber were and are solid. Middle relief? OVERWORKED during the season and it showed in the LCS. All those long games aggravated the (non admitted) tired arms of Quantrill and Gordon.

Something though was missing from this team, some chemistry, some killer instinct...some Paul O'Neill-ism.

I think the Yankees offense masked a lot of the pitching problems the largest of which was the fact that 4 of last years 5 starters had to be replaced and that had to be the biggest challenge for the coaching staff. We all commented about having no lefty's as starters and turns out none really in the bullpen either. Once Gabe White was let go (remember him) and Heredia went into his funk they were "pitching exposed" and it caught up with them against a really inspired Red Sox team.

I now will root for the RED SOX in the World Series because after all, I am an American League fan, so...