YUCK! Can it get any worse than last night?!?!?! Nice game Kevin Brown! I hope you never pitch in a Yankee uniform again.

What's up with the Yankee bats the past 2 nights? Seriously!!! The best lineup in baseball? These guys looked like a bunch of undiciplined HACKS at the hands of Derrick Lowe. YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!

Up 3-0 and you lose. First time in MLB history. THESE aren't the Yankees I know! Where is Paul O'Neill, where is the heart?!?!?!

Oh, and by the way.... Contrary to what everyone has been saying in the media since the game ended last night...

THE CURSE IS NOT DEAD! The curse isn't that the Red Sox always lose to the Yankees. The curse is that the Red Sox haven't won a world series title since 1918. Go it? You have a long way to go before the curse is lifted Red Sox nation!

I have not answered the phone yet today as I am sure that the 20-25 times it has rung it is all my old college friends from the Boston area. I need a couple of days before I can handle talking to those CHOWDERHEADS.