Had a conversation with my die-hard Red Sox fan brother on just that same topic about Jeter. After I told him I was rooting for the Sox to win and he said that he's rooting for the Yankees (we need the rematch) he confided his envy for Jeter. The guy is just the comsumate team player and leader. "Yes Mr. Torre, what do you need me to do? Lead off the game with a 440 foot home run? Yes sir. Lay down a sacrifice bunt? Yes sir. Sacrifice fly? Yes sir. Ground out to the right side to advance the runner from second to third so someone else can drive him in? I can do that for you sir."

If ever the naming of a team captain was appropriate, it seems that the naming of Jeter has been the most correct ever.

MVP? NO contest on the Yankees and even Gary Sheffield the apparent MVP based on stats this year would agree. They can do without any player... except Jeter.

Maybe he should be called Mr. Marapmajunlyaugseptober.