no no no.. Mr. NOVEMBER!!!! Mr. October is passe..

Derek is amazing. I convinced a Red Sox fan that he is the premier shortstop in the league, despite what stats say. He really has no peers as far as I am concerned. He may not be the guy that goes 4-5 when they pile on for a nice 10-2 win.. but he will go 2-4 in those clutch games where the team needs him. Look at the first 2 games. A key bunt, lead off homerun to set the tone, a great defensive play on a ball up the middle. They seem routine, but when Jeter does it, there is a special something about it. I don't want to sound like a homer or anything, but there really is no other guy in the league that can set the tone quite like Jeter. Ok.. I am a homer, but Jeter rocks!
"You're Beef Stew! That's gangster talk for LOSER!!" Sirius Rocks!