Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues and you know it don't come easy Thank you Mr. Starkey.

I have good feelings too Tino. Just have the 'Derek taking over feeling', the " we have an appointment with some people from Boston and we'd reather not break our plans" feeling.

Read where Kevin Brown, uncharacteristically, called a team meeting when he came back from the injury and cleared the air by apologizing for hurting the team thru his stupidity and said that he just let his competitive nature get the best of him. Obviously his independent nature has not allowed the Joe Torre mantra to sink in yet. It's team first Kevin, we know you are trying your best. Just keep trying and remember to do things in the TEAM'S best interest. Derek, Bernie, Jorge know. Gary and Alex have learned as have many others. For Kevin Brown it seems to have taken a little longer.

Yes, good feelings about this evening.