Well we're down 0-1 to the Twins, just like last year. I'm not feeling quite so confident this time around however.

I was upset to see Mariano Rivera come out to pitch the top of the 9th last night. Almost felt like we wasted him. We might need him in the next 2-3 games. I would have atleast liked to see Torre try someone else first and see if they could get through the 9th without allowing any baserunners before Rivera came out.

Santana showed why he should be the AL Cy Young winner. Mussina pitched great but made more mistakes. Santana was outstading at letting the Yankees get on base but never cross home plate.

I was really hoping for a win last night. Thinking that Mussina was out best chance at a sure thing. Unfortunately Santana was better and now the Yanks are in serious trouble.