Yes, welcome back Petey. Was that docuflick on ESPN last night about you????

Unfortunately you are premature in the clinching on Sunday thing. After last night's implosion they still have a magic number of 4 so it will have to happen in the Bronx.

A win today would be very nice but I think a good outing by Brown is most important. With vasquez apparently "lost in space" Brown has to show he's ready. But beating Schilling would really be special.

Joe Girardi made an interesting comment about Joe Torre last night while the Yankees were letting the Sox have their way. He said that if the Yankees had lost the first game he'd be managing this (2nd game) differenly. Normally he would have brought Gordon in to shut the door but thinking longer term he tried things with the "second tier" relievers, of which Paul Quantrill is quickly becoming a member (in my opinion). He also noted when Ramirez came up against Quantrill that Paul is a sinker ball/low ball pitcher and Manny is a low ball hitter. Said Quantrill should go with his strength rather than try to throw the ball up in the strike zone. His "strength" might work on any other hitter but not someone as good as Ramirez. I think Torre should have gone to another pitcher, a high ball pitcher in that situation but maybe Torre wanted to see what Quantrill could do and was ready to sacrifice the game??? God I hope his thought process isn't THAT convoluted.

Rubber game today. Should be fun.