Of All the gin joints in all the world why did she...I mean, of all the pitchers at all the times during the season why did Rivera have to pick last night to be "off"? I fell asleep on the couch during the rain delay and the wife was nice enough to wake me up at the start of the 9th. 2-1 Yankees, Rivera pitching...GAME OVER! Big fat OUCH!

I also think Lofton should have laid out for that ball. Sheffield was right behind him. The hits the Red Sox got in the 9th were the same kind of hit(s) that Luis Gonzalez got when the Yankees lost the series to Arizona. Rivera doesn't seem to get hit hard when he pitches. He gives up these broken bat, seeing eye dunkers. That's gotta drive him crazy.

Kudos to Sturtze and Gordon.

We'll get 'em today.