Much like the Yankees "woke up" last year after being no=hit by Houston, I hope they continue to have their eyes wide open after the 22-0 debacle. 2-0 since that game now. Schedule in near future favors the yankees rather than the Red Sox although Anaheim had to win games in Boston and just got swept. Texas coming to Boston must have wins too. Sox go out to Oakland soon. Hope we get some help from the A's because it looks like a dogfight the rest of the way.

Nice to see Steve Karsay back especially with the recent weak outings by Quantrill and Gordon. Any idea what the Giambi return schedule looks like?

Down the stretch pitching needs to suck it up and do their job. Especially disappointed with the inconsistencies of the starters Mussina and Vasquez and Brown. Torre knew going in that pitching was the key and the lack of dependability has put the yankees in this close division race now. Need the starters to step up big time, like Lieber did last night. Maybe Torre should raise his voice too. Sometimes a kick in the rear end is better than an arm around the shoulder regardless of who the player is.