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There used to be an era when sovereign nations did not require papers or a passport to move back and forth across borders.

The world evolves unlike some.

>such as yourself... as a tax-um-big communist?<

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Now suppose the American Indian, every reservation in every state had banded together, to block access to their lands. Add that they would require either a passport or a toll.

Do you see people flocking to the rez?

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Take into account the rumour that the Senecas were planning a toll booth at the start and end of their property on Interstate 90 (the Thruway to you), south of Buffalo.
Would you rather have that?

Let them try as their sales will suffer.

>I doubt it.

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Would you rather have dead NYS troopers and county cops?

Is this a threat?

>Nope.. but Im sure it would come to that..
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Would you like to see tires burning on the I?

Could you defend yourself against China, Japan, Iran...?

You are pretty much out there, arent ya...

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Now ask your question again.... to yourself.
...bloody Nazi...

And what country defended you against the nazi?

>That question has nothing to do with the discussion... ya ding dong.<
Everybody wants to rule the world..