(500 posts = one "atta-boy/girl"
1000 posts = one cuppa coffee
2000 posts = one cuppa coffee + plain donut
3000 posts = coffee with up to 2 refills, choice of glazed or filled donut. other negotiated prizes.
4000 posts = coffee with unlimited refills, choice of pastry or pie! Other negotiated prizes,
5000 posts = Lunch from takeout window, party hats, assorted clipped coupons (doubled at Wegmans!) Other negotiated prizes.
7500 posts = Sit-Down lunch at real retaurant plus pie. Other negotiated prizes,
10,000 posts = Dinner and BIG SURPRISE!
20,000 posts = One way trip to Alaska.)

Dad always said that you can always tell an idiot,... but you can't tell him much.