I Just caught this thread.

I see laughing willow refused to answer your question about "What specific aspect of the treaty that was with your tribe was not honor?" Then lw generalized claiming the vast majority of treaties with the US weren't honored. Strange, I didn't see any answer pertaining to New York tribes. In fact, there was no answer.

As to what happened to the tribes of 200 years ago would have happened anyway. They can be glad England won out over France or they'd be speaking German today if they even existed.

Glad to see you evaded the sausage grinder from the pityme tribe looking to play the race card, which he did anyway after making up an answer. Race cards are usually played by people who have no valid complaints.

I also see sausage evaded your question "And where are the "american" reservations in NY?"

The sausage take on the tax issue with an example shows a viewpoint of reservations being equivalent to a foreign country. To that, the US Supreme Court has ruled is bunk and the taxes can legally be collected from non-Indians and tribal members if not of the tribe they are doing business with.

I see Eliott backed down on his push to give to illegal immigrants drivers licenses. Con jobs like this are why he was voted by his peers as the third worst attorney general in the country. Must be not enough people are complaining about his refusal to enforce the tax laws.