Hey dumb dumb I don't type with my mouth..you really are a fool aren't you..did you find a job yet..or are you still living off your wife,remember her,the one in Vegas. I bet you are sitting there trying to think of ways to torture Yetty...UMMMM and dumb dumb..it wasn't me that couldn't sleep last night..it was my friend Yetty..must be you can't read either..is that why you have no job..you can't read,can you!!!!

the only thing your closed fist has held is Yetty's hair..blood..DNA!!!!!!..Ohhh BIG MAN YANKEE BASTARD...please stop by some night..oh after 6pm!!!!!SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!
BBQ..June 27th..be there or be square..
Bring something for The House of Concern please!