Not sure if you know Thena but some vaccines are combined now so the child doesn't have to get poked 4 or 5 times. I just heard there is a new vaccine out for the stomach bug, given when the child is only a few months old. Good grief! My daughter currently has a stomach bug-fever and vomiting. She's been on the couch all day except for getting up and going to the bathroom. Poor kid. I hate it when she's sick but it's kinda good for her to have her body build up antibodies to help ward off the next time it comes around, or at least so it won't be as bad. I was vaccinated as well as my 2 younger brothers. We all survived. Of course that was years and years ago. I would hate to have whooping cough or even the measles now. I know of 2 people who had the chicken pox when they were older-one was in high school (we had to take a Regents Chem test and she was just gettin gover it) and the other is my hubby who had it in college. No thanks. He said it was horrible! I know shingles is even worse and very painful.

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