Vaccinations (PLEASE do not call them immunizations, they do NOT guarantee immunity) actually weaken your immune system. Not only do they contain DNA particles and any number of other cross-contaminants, they contain preservatives like ANTIFREEZE, ALUMINUM, and FORMELDAHYDE (sp?). And sure, they say they don't make vaccines with MERCURY anymore, but the ones that WERE made with mercury are still out there and being used up- just not on my children ;\)

Even if they could make a vaccine without any of these preservatives or additives, I personally still would not inject my children with them. Our immune systems become stronger as they develop their own naturally formed antibodies.

Many people credit modern medicine with improved maternity rates and disease control. This is really not modern medicine's doing! It's because of the improvements in basic sanitation, standards of living, and general health. If you look back at ANY disease throughout history, they all have their own natural pattern of rising and falling, and the diseases that are typically vaccinated against today were already on the natural decline when the vaccines came into use. Yes, vaccines may have sped up the decline process, but at what cost? Weakened immune systems, allergic reactions, autism, learning disabilities?

And WTF is with the chicken pox vaccine people?!?! Seriously. It has one of the lowest effectivity rates, and what little bit of 'immunity' it may provide is only a TEMPORARY immunity. A chicken pox vaccine means that to continue to receive 'protection' your child will need booster shots for his or her whole life. Now let's be honest here: as an adult, when's the last time you've gone in for a booster shot? Children vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine are not going to be likely to keep up on it as adults, and because the 'protection' the shot gives is only temporary, they will be left with little defenses against it as an adult, and we all know that chicken pox is MUCH more serious to catch as an adult, as opposed to catching it when you're a child, which is typically pretty mild. Chicken pox was a 'right of passage,' if you will, for my generation and generations before mine; why we are vaccinating against this normal, common, rarely deadly childhood disease?

Also, most people forget that you don't need to be actively sick to have acheived natural immunity.

So, back to where I started: you do NOT need to have your child vaccinated for school. We ALL have federally guaranteed rights that allow us to make our own medical decisions and practice our own beliefs. Federally guaranteed rights trump any state laws (which all have exemptions anyways). Many states won't 'allow' for a philosophical exemption, but it is worth noting that there have been numerous cases where parents' personal beliefs have been considered acceptable for religious exemption, and you don't need to be a member of an organized religion for a religious exemption, either.

It just amazes- and scares- me how many people don't realize this. You DO have a choice, and there's a REASON you have choice: because there are very real risks that come along with choosing to vaccinate. Everyone has to make the choices that are right for their own family. I don't look down on anyone who chooses to vaccinate because they feel it's best for their family, and I don't expect to be looked down on by anyone because we choose not to vaccinate because that's what we feel is safest for our family. But I do feel badly for anyone who 'chooses' to vaccinate without all of the information, and for anyone who doesn't realize that they even have a choice or reason to need to choose.
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