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If a non-tribal individual did not pay their taxes then what would happen to them?


Did you answer my question?


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BUT I will answer your question to satisfy your huge gargantuan ego.
If someone that is a United States citizen and not a citizen of another soverign country or state, then they do not have to pay United States or any other state that is a state within the physical borders or political jurisdiction of the United States of America, then they do not have to pay taxes within the jurisdiction of said particular sovereign nation that they are physically located in at that particular time.

This IS particulary true of European nations. In essecence, I do not have to pay New York taxes when I purchase something while vacationing in England or say Lichtenstein ....

Now then. Answer the question as stated previously:

Should the State of New York force the elimination of American Indian Reservations in this state?

Where is the post that I said I wanted the rez removed?

Who even said anything about england?

If a NY state citizen did not pay his taxes then what should happen?

Try to keep up... you cant be this dense.
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